Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose MedSafe?

MedSafe has been providing customized, comprehensive compliance programs for nearly 25 years.  We provide training and assessments for HIPAA and OSHA, as well as training in corporate compliance, including sexual harassment, which is applicable to business in ever field. Our clients include small, one-provider practices, as well as groups that have thousands of employees with dozens of locations. MedSafe provides not only an online platform for training staff and managing compliance documents, but also onsite support and traditional classroom training, if requested.

Do your courses provide continuing education credits?

Most of our on line training courses offer CEU's and many of them offer CM E's. For information about specific courses, please call us at (781) 237-9700, option 2.

Can you customize the courses to fit the needs of our practice?

MedSafe is able to tailor its courses to your practice. Our sales team would be happy to discuss this with you. Call them at (888) MEDSAFE (633-7233), option 4.

What exactly is a compliance program?

According to the OIG, there are seven (7) elements to an effective compliance program: 1. Designation of a Compliance Officer and Compliance Committee. (OSHA also requires an OSHA Safety Officer be assigned and HIPAA requires that Privacy & Security Officers be assigned as well.) 2. Development of compliance policies and procedures, including standards of conduct. This applies to OSHA and HIPAA also. (MedSafe can implement these items for you.) 3. Development of open lines of communication. 4. Appropriate training and education. Both OSHA and HIPAA have requirements for this. 5. Internal monitoring and auditing. (MedSafe can assist in identifying internal deficiencies.) 6. Response to detected deficiencies. 7. Enforcement of disciplinary standards.

Is my practice required to complete a security risk analysis?

If you are a medical practice, it is required that you complete a security risk analysis (SRA) annually. If you are a dental practice, an SRA isn't required, but we highly recommend that your office conduct one. (Note to Convina: After last sentence, create a "FIND OUT MORE" BUTTON to click on that will link to: https://www.medsafe.com/security-risk-assessment

Do we have to be trained on HIPAA every year?

HIPAA requires organizations to implement and "regularly" review a HIPAA training. Anything beyond a year cannot be considered regular. Therefore, we recommend conducting HIPAA training on an annual basis, bundled with OSHA. For further information, or to sign-up, please call (888) MEDSAFE (633-7233) and select option 4.

Do policy and procedure manuals and training programs need to be customized?

Regulations require that you have practice-specific, i.e., customized, manuals and training programs. MedSafe will create these and make sure that they are updated when there are any changes to the regulations. For further information, please call us at (781) 237-9700, and select option 2.

Do you offer payment plans?

MedSafe has several payment options. Please call us at (888) MEDSAFE (633-7233), and select option 4 to discuss them with a member of our sales team.

Is there an alert that currently applies to my state?

NEW YORK STATE: Effective October 9, 2018, all New York State employers are required to adopt written sexual harassment prevention policies and institute annual anti-harassment training for employees. All full-time, part-time, seasonal and temporary employees must receive training. New employees must complete training as soon as possible after their start date. Please feel free to contact MedSafe at (888) 633-7233, option 4, regarding our sexual harassment training for New York State employers. ALL STATES: OCR reports record $27.8 Min HIPAA enforcements. To read the article, click on the button below.