Infection Control

Infection Control

After a visit from the MedSafe staff, we had a thorough understanding of the components of a program for our small practice. The website has been very helpful in providing templates for documentation and policy development.
~ M.C. Donaldson, M.D., Vascular Care of MetroWest, P.C., Framingham, MA

Infection Control Programs 

MedSafe's Safety Infection Control Program features our AIM methodology. AIM is the acronym for Assess, Implement & Maintain. By assessing your organization, we can develop and implement a proper plan and maintain it by our training, which is designed to keep you up-to-date on regulatory changes. Training can be onsite or online, utilizing our Learning Management System known as the 'Training Manager'.

Our Program includes:

  • Customized safety manuals designed to meet OSHA's requirement for a site-specific written Hazard Communication Program and Exposure Control Plan.
  • Ongoing updates to manuals and periodic advisory publications as changes to regulations occur.
  • Customized Safety Data Sheet (SDS) catalog, containing required documentation for hazardous products used in your facility.
  • Labels for hazardous products in secondary containers, specifically prepared for products used in your facility.
  • Hazardous Materials Identification Charts to assist you and your staff to easily identify potential hazards of products.
  • Ongoing support and a hotline to assist your staff with safety and compliance issues.
  • A Certificate of Compliance is issued when your facility has completed implementation of the program. It clearly illustrates to your staff, visitors, and clients that you are committed to a safe working environment.

Click below if you are interested in our OSHA Compliance Program.

We were so impressed. An amazing job. The best training we've ever had. Your compliance consultant was interesting, quick and on-the-ball. We actually learned something!
~ Betsy Ott, Administrative Assistant, Goldstein Rosenberg's Raphael-Sacks Funeral Home, Philadelphia, Pa